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This concise and practical book offers encouragement for Christian parents who desire to make a smooth transition from traditional schooling to home education. Homeschooling is often referred to as the “greenhouse” effect. Like a greenhouse that provides additional protection for growing saplings from the elements, homeschooling provides a nurturing environment for children. As you prepare the soil of the home for this transplanting from school to home, what challenges can you anticipate and plan to overcome? How can you best prepare and maintain the soil of the home as primary learning environment – academic and spiritual?

- February 2014 Amazon.com Review

A cartoon from the book

'This is a helpful book, addressing challenges faced by families in making the change from institutional school to homeschool, coming from a strongly Christian perspective.

I have homeschooled my kids for over 20 years, and still found the book refreshing and insightful. It addresses real problems, offers guidance, and points out the plusses (which are important to remember) involved with homeschooling. The author candidly admits being unsure about home education at first, as was I. Happily, we have both found this to be the best option for our children, and for our families.

Of course there are difficulties. Mrs. Hill identifies many, with suggestions on how to deal with them. She gives 
realistic guidance from her own experience in how to deal with self-doubt, criticism from others, and resistance from the kids. She also outlines many of the benefits--academic, social, and spiritual--of homeschooling.

Mrs. Hill offers interesting food for thought on having realistic expectations, and in seeing the potential benefits 
of challenges (for instance dealing with so much more free time). I agree with her point of view that there are certain essentials, and think she is quite correct in identifying the need for support, flexibility, and patience.  The book is good encouragement in keeping these things in mind.'

Chapter 1: Our Journey Begins
Chapter 2: Transplant Shock (Part 1)—Expect the Transition to be Challenging
Chapter 3: Transplant Shock (Part 2)—Challenges from Within
Chapter 4: Transplant Shock (Part 3)—Challenges from Without
Chapter 5: Add Some Sugar—Help the Children See the Benefits
Chapter 6: Acclimation—Adjusting to the New Soil
Chapter 7: Enlist Assistance and Seek Support
Chapter 8: Keep the Soil Moist—Nourishment in  the Home
Chapter 9: Consult the Master Gardener and Wait Patiently for the Harvest

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