Hera looked at Princess Sophia and Harpee then pointed to the water clock on a nearby marble table. 'Twenty-four hours,' she said, frowning. 'That’s it. Drip, drop, drip, drop. Time, tide, and Hera wait for no man . . . or princess!'

Sophia hesitated no longer. She turned, motioned with her hand for Harpee to follow, and ran out of the courtyard. 'I must succeed—for my father, for his kingdom, and . . . for my mother!'

Meet the Author: Effie Hill

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-Excerpt from the new book Sophia's Challenge, book 1 in the (Not) Another Greek Tragedy series

In my middle-grade novel, Sophia's Challenge, I combine my love of all things Greek and my love of mythology. The story is a gentle and humorous way to introduce children to ancient Greek legends. I’m currently working on my second installment in the (Not) Another Greek Tragedy series—Sophia’s Journey. Join Sophia soon to see what happens next!